Rusnak/Westlake BMW, I’ll see you soon.

January 18th, to be exact….

If there isn’t anything more tempting in the world it’s walking into a showroom with all kinds of friendly sales staff and an itch for something new. I admit, I have the bug, that bad bug that bites every time I wash my car and realize that it isn’t a spring chicken anymore. It gets even worse when it’s the middle of winter and it seems like you’re always washing the grime off of the car and always noticing an extra ding or ripple in your pristine paint.

Going to car dealerships is a lost art, really, and sadly the internet has really taken the face value away from building a relationship with your local dealership. I personally don’t go down to the dealership often, but when I do, it’s always trouble – a good sort of trouble. There isn’t anything more thrilling to the certified petrol head (or fashionista for that matter) of slipping your rear end into a new seat and encasing yourself with a new car enclosure.

On my upcoming “Shark Saga”, I’m going to be doing a lot of driving, a lot of thinking, and then some more driving. Keep in mind, I’ll be in a 30 year old classic, something far from the modern day comforts that I’m used to. This journey will take me to new places and to meet new faces, one of which happens to be Rusnak/Westlake BMW in Thousand Oaks, California. Doing a little bit of research into their dealership I found out some pretty interesting things such as:

  • Rusnak/Westlake was awarded “The Women’s Choice Award” which is a symbol of excellence in customer experience awarded by women. When you see the seal, you know that women in your community have rated this business as a business they trust to give you the kind of respect, customer service, assistance and buying experience you expect and deserve. I’m a woman, I’m getting prepared to give the dealership my own seal of approval.
  • The dealership is family owned and operated, much different than some of those corporate entity dealerships out there (no names given). I’m hoping to leave there a part of their family – but I wouldn’t curse them with becoming a member of mine.
  • The people at the dealership aren’t all about money, money, money. They take portions of their profit and give back to the community, like a responsible business should do. The part that touches me the most is the fact that they donate to the Childrens’ Hospital of Los Angeles. I was in Childrens Memorial when I was an infant, so I have a first hand knowledge of how important donations and assistance to keep them running is.

So, if you’ve got some time and want to come experience some of this for yourself, mark your calendar for January 18th and come on up and meet the Shark and I. We’d love to have you (as well as the dealership I’m sure).

Take the time to check out their website:

and like them on Facebook




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