San Diego – Sandy Eggo, Potato – Po – tot – oe

So it seems as though I have more than a little bit on my plate when it comes to traipsing across the country in an old BMW. There are social events and people to meet along the way. I am very lucky to have the power of the internet and the gods at Google helping through this procedure. First stop is in Knoxville (a little vicarious to get to California, I know), but second stop is San Diego – home of the San Diego BMW CCA Chapter. 

In an attempt to meet as many people as possible, I reached out to the events coordinator and am lucky enough to have not one but TWO tentative events scheduled for the San Diego area. 

meet meet meatFirst stop – Meet And Greet with the members

January 13th (Destination – Somewhere In San Diego)

Let me just say, if there is anything I like to do more than drinking beer, it’s meeting new people. A meet and greet (although I never really understood the terminology, shouldn’t it be a greet and meet, I mean you greet somebody and then you meet them by learning about them). I digress, at this meet and greet I’m looking forward to meeting with everybody in the club and hopefully spreading some tall tales and some positive vibes about the BMW CCA Foundation. After all, this adventure is going to be based around me trying to raise awareness for the capital campaign fund. 

Second Stop – Board Meeting

Honestly, I’ve never even been to a Sandlapper board meeting let alone a board meeting for a totally different chapter. I’m not quite sure what to expect, but I’m looking forward to getting together with the board and talking more brass tacks about what the Foundation needs and what they as a chapter can do to help.

Ah, but that would be too easy, of course in my own self absorbed way I’ll talk about the awesome adventure that I’ll be about to embark on and how wonderful writing for Roundel is and how much I love California. Life can’t be all about work, can it? Besides, I don’t want to bore people to pieces, I need people to still be “Nikki Fans”. I kind of need to write for the Roundel for a long time – I crave the fan mail. 




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