Help The Shark Find It’s Way To A New Home!

Donations…Not Exactly…

But kind of. As you can imagine the life of a freelance writer isn’t exactly a million dollar earning occupation. At this point in my life I have gotten to the point that I’m more about experiencing things in order to share them with others that might not have the means, desire or capability physically to do them. I jump out of planes, drive fast cars and love to share stories about all of it.
Check out the BMW CCA Foundation website to help even more!So, if you decide to donate to the shark fund, you’re not only donating to a good cause, it’s like putting yourself in the passenger seat of life and getting ready for a wild ride across the country in a big old Bimmer.


I do this not because I want fame or fortune, but because I have a genuine feeling that I can help the Foundation out by helping you help me out (does that make sense?

Pledge $10 or more

  1.  0 backers

    A hand painted BMW Kidney Grill paperweight made by me and shipped to you. Hopefully, this rock will remind you that the road of life has many rock and even though they suck, that’s what makes up the road.

    Estimated delivery: Sep 2013
  2. Reward #2

    Pledge $20 or more

     0 backers

    An access to the private pages of the Sharks website including updates and excerpts from the book, photos from the road and the process of brainstorming and planning the voyage.

    Estimated delivery: Sep 2013
  3. Reward #3

    Pledge $50 or more

     0 backers

    You’ll receive “Love Notes From A Shark”, a monthly collaboration of different correspondences through the journey and adventures of trying to plan getting a car across the country in one piece.

    Estimated delivery: Sep 2013
  4. Reward #4

    Pledge $100 or more

     0 backers

    With a small donation of $100 you’ll get access to a special area of the my private website that will show you some of the creative juices that are flowing, different aspects of my outlining process and what’s going on throughout the trip itself. Plus the paperweight, plus the newsletter plus, well me!

    Estimated delivery: Sep 2013
  5. Reward #5

    Pledge $150 or more

     0 backers

    Access to super special area of the website plus being on the private “candid” email list of the Shark Saga, the cursing and what is going on in my life that isn’t necessarily put on forums. You’ll also get a super special live skype session once a week to hear about my planning, the trip and news about the Shark.

    Estimated delivery: Sep 2013
  6. Reward #6

    Pledge $200 or more

     0 backers

    “Why I Love The Shark – Learning To Live On The Road” A hardback book approximately 50 pages of colorful pictures, writings, musings and stories from along the road. A 10″ by 10″ full color book will be provided to you along with all the other aspects of any other donation level.

    Estimated delivery: Jun 2014
    Ships within the US only
    Help the shark swim home.

Click Donate On The Side Bar To Contribute – Give What You Can – You’ll Be rewarded.

It’s good Juju, really.


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