Show And Shine FAQ

Eventbrite site now up and running. Click here for your tickets!

Q: What is this “Show and Shine Car Show” all about?

A: The show and shine is an informal car show where everybody is invited no matter how fancy their car is or how much money they’ve invested in it. What this car show is all about it gathering of enthusiasts of all sorts, be it old muscle cars, European exotics or even old beaters. It doesn’t matter, if it has four wheels and can drive in (without help from outside motor) you’re more than welcome to join in the fun.

chamberlogo-1Q: Who’s putting on this “Show and Shine Car Show?”

There are several organizations involved, but the most important is the Greater Schulenburg Chamber Of Commerce. They’re provided the majority of the entertainment, location and most importantly permission for this event. Also aiding in putting this together is the ZSCCA, a special interest BMW club of America. With knowledge and monetary support, they’re assisting in getting this show on the road (pun intended).

Q: How do I enter? This sounds awesome!

A: Why yes, it does sound awesome. The registration is quite simple, either send a message of interest to the organizer here or visit our Facebook event page. We don’t require a registration, but it would help us greatly in knowing exactly how much of the town to block off. Keep in mind, the town has been handed over to us and we’re looking forward to taking it over and making them proud (as well as supporting local commerce).

Q: How will the judging occur?

A: There will be four judges all with four areas to judge the cars on. The new cars don’t automatically win, and the old cars don’t either. It has to do with how much passion you have about motoring.

  • Customization (what modification has been done and how well have they been executed, taped on tail fins do NOT apply)
  • Cleanliness (do you keep it tidy, to you have french fries under your seat?)
  • Creativity (what makes your car different from the rest? What makes you unique?)
  • Conservation (how well do you take car of your ride? Do you buff it out? Do you leave it out in dust storms?)

Q: What else is there in Schulenberg to do?

A: The little town of Schulenberg isn’t only the home of our “Show and Shine Car Show”, but it’s also home to the

Texas Polka Music Museum

Sengelmann Hall

Painted Church Tours

Plenty Of Lodging

The Old Moulton Bank

Stanzel Model Airplane Museum

Roberts Steakhouse

Q: How do I get to Schulenburg?

A: The easiest airport (and most convenient to fly in and out of) is going to be the Austin airport, but Houston is just as easy. If you’re travelling by car, Schulenburg is conveniently located right off of Interstate 10. Even if you’re coming from out of state, it’s an easy town to find, but more importantly the memories will last a lifetime!


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