Who knew that a car show was so much work?

Since I want to make sure I reach as many people as possible, the thought came to my mind – why not have a car show, why not have a convoy across america, why not have a special interest group devoted to “adopting a mile”.

All that seemed kind of out of the question – all of it seeming like it would borderline impossible to do from afar. I kind of shrugged and figured if people want to see me, they can make arrangements to meet me and share a beverage or something.

After some thought, I realized that this trip isn’t just going to fall into my lap and events magically happen. I’ve decided to start organizing little events, big events and overall fun across the country.

The logical way to do this is to start at one coast and work my way East, right?

Ha, not for me. I’m too screwed up to think that way. My method is starting smack dab in the middle and working out to the edges. Starting in Austin, I’m organizing a large – very large – Car Show event in the rustic town of Schulenberg. Without ever trying to coordinate anything like this before, I reached out to those who have for guidance.

watertowerNow, what was once just a little pipe dream is now a full blown city take over. Schulenberg, TX is never going to be the same. The city director has allowed us free reign, the police force and even a band to dance the night away to. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to square dance, that’s not going to be what it’s about.

January 25, Schulenberg, TX. Be there with bells on. Registration starts at 2, viewing from 3 to 6 Award banquet at 6:30 and an entire night of boogie woogie woogie.

The town also have two very highly rated places of lodging, so make it a weekend trip. Join the Shark and I to celebrate the passion of cars, the spirit of Texas and my halfway home point.T

own Takeover


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