Give The Gift Of Knowledge!

Zips, my travelling companion.

Zips, my travelling companion.

People have been asking how they can help this adventure be a success, and it’s such a vague and endless question, there isn’t really a good answer besides everything and anything. I know that I never travel anyplace very far without my trusty travelling companion, Zips, the bumble bee. He keeps me from getting incredibly bored and lonely on those long stretches of back roads. He also rolls around when we go through the twisty bits, which is actually pretty funny…

but I digress.

The things that I need are simple, but the things that I want are a little more complex. I want a warm place to sleep at night, warm food in my belly and the moral support of enthusiasts all over. Heck, they don’t even have to be Shark enthusiasts, as long as you’re passionate about life and being alive, you can follow along.

bookI was offered a E28 Bentley manual and a “cherished” shark shirt. I was thinking, I’ve got an entire drawer full of cherished shirts, can I start sending them to people who donate to the cause (be it tools, a bed, or a full belly).  I’m not even sure if the E28 manual would work for an E24, but it’s the thought that counts. It’s the spirit of helping out another person, especially in order to see them pursue something exciting and new.

Thank you, “my6er”, for your well wishes, your book and your cherished shirt. I can promise it will get worn, and it will be cherished. (And I promise not to spill on it, wipe greasy hands on it, or bleed from anywhere onto it).



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