The shark saga goes on..

Happily, I sat working my magic with words when an email crossed into my inbox from the owner of the shark.

He’s as excited as I am, and is trying to perform an exorcism on some of the demons of the shark. It is apparently having some issues with the electrics, and it only fouls up for him. Poor guy, he’s got a shark that bites him, but when he takes it to the shop to be fixed it works like a diligent coal miner. Makes me wonder if that same demon will come back to keep me company on my voyage. Either way, I’m packing my bmw holy water and perhaps an extra six pack.

Not really.

With news from the shark owner, I’m proceeding to put the schedule in stone. LAX January 16th. I’ll be there, will you?
In the meantime, I’m going to put my words to rest for a while and celebrate.


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